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We can access your computer remotely and securely to troubleshoot any problem-anytime, anywhere!

Computer Fixed

Our trained professionals troubleshoot and fix problems, and take measures to prevent future issues.


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We are proud of the services we provide and have grown our business through customer referrals. We take time to work with you and agree your requirements then deliver a cost effective solution. Whatever your IT requirements, contact iTechSupport.

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Efficient Tools

We have carefully developed state-of-the art utilities to make remote PC fixing much more efficient and
time-saving for our customers.

Fix Issues Fast

We know how valuable your time is. That's why we implement proven methods to fix your computer system
as efficiently as possible.

Technician Redundancy

We have technicians at all levels, so whether your problem requires a simple fix or in-depth troubleshooting, it will be fixed fast and efficiently.

Best of Breed Software

We utilize the best, most current software-not only to fix computers, but to implement prevention measures to protect them in the future.